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Neck Knife

$60.00 / Sold Out

Our ever popular Neck Knives are the perfect addition to your arsenal. Small, light and easy to carry.

Hand-made by Tybris Knives.

Material: G11 high-heat polymer with a fiberglass weave.
Total Length: just under 6 in
Cutting Edge: 1/4 thick G11
Height: 1 in
Weight: light enough to forget you're carrying it!

**Hand-made sheath included
All lanyards are made with green paracord. (not included with all knives. see options below)

To sharpen, use a sharpening stone and water, fine sand paper, or oil and stone. Once it has been sharpened, apply oil to it. Otherwise, it will have a white powdery look.

Retails: $60.00